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It's Time for Some Spicy Social Work!

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

If you're new here, welcome. If you cruised over from one of my other social media platforms, hello again! Keep reading to see what your spicy neighborhood social worker is up to now!

Hello reader, and welcome to Chaotic Moon Energy.

It humbles me that you are even reading this, and it would be my honor if you made it to the end. There is no prize, other than the satisfaction of completion, but please, if you would, stick around for a minute.

A little while back, I finally jumped on the TikTok bandwagon and started posting little shorts. It was spontaneous and very uncharacteristic of me, and in the spirit of that, I came up with a name on the fly: "Spicy Social Worker". A few of my local friends started following me, and encouraged me to keep going. I used my videos to talk about several things I thought were important: my own mental health, social justice issues, research ideas, things going on in my life. It was a place for me to be open and share with people without having to censor myself, letting people in, while also letting myself out.

And while my following has not grown to any kind of astronomical number, it is growing slowly but surely.

So I thought I would take the next step and start a blog. Just a little something for those days when I can't post a video, but I still want to share part of my life story, or speak on an important issue.

Here, I will be able to share things in a more long-form manner, with links and references. I may post TikToks about the things I post here, or not. I may even decide to make some YouTube videos. Who knows? I'm always learning and growing and changing. That is the beauty of chaotic energy.

Speaking of, why did I choose the name "Chaotic Moon Energy" for my website? Well, many people see "chaos" and think it is inherently negative. Instead, I see it and think of it as a challenge, something for me to figure out a solution to or otherwise manage to live with. The moon is a thing of mystery, with one side of her never shown to us, but even when she is dark as a new moon, we can still see her, if we look carefully. And so, I wove these two ideas together, as a reminder that even when things seem dark, and there is no solution in sight, if we just look close enough, we can find the light.

So, dear reader, you've made it to the end. I congratulate you. My ramblings are sure to be amusing at times, as well as thought provoking, mundane, and shocking. But as always, they will be spicy.

Because I am definitely the Spicy Social Worker.

Stay Spicy, friends. And stick around.

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